Priorities and Highlights:

Public Transportation

Successfully passed Measure RR to fully fund Caltrain services

As Caltrain will continue to face severe pandemic-induced financial losses, my office led the charge to raise $100 million annually by successfully introducing and passing Measure RR in 2020. I will continue to advocate for reliable transit and transparent funding for our residents as San Francisco’s sole representative on the Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board, the authority governing Caltrain.

Worked with the Transportation Authority and SFMTA to improve transit access for our District, and across the city

I worked closely with the SFMTA to bring full Muni service back to District 10, back up to pre-pandemic service levels, including the 8AX and 8BX lines to Visitacion Valley. I also collaborated with the Transportation Authority and SFMTA to extend the 55 bus to D10 to connect the neighborhood of Dogpatch to the 16th Street BART Station. Finally, we were thrilled to deliver on our campaign promises by bringing back the 15-Third Line as an express route from Hunters Point to Downtown, giving D10 residents the access we deserve and need.

Making our streets safer for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers with key traffic calming measures

My office worked closely with the SFMTA and a wide range of community stakeholders to increase residents’ safety through improved traffic safety measures throughout our neighborhoods. This includes reducing traffic lanes and increasing bike and pedestrian lanes on Evans Avenue, Hunters Point Boulevard and Avenue.

Quality Schools and Education

Passed the Early Education Economic Recovery Program We know that investing in early childhood education is a vital indicator of long-term educational and economic outcomes for children. That’s why our office worked to successfully secure funding for early childhood...

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Bridging Our Communities

Led the successful passage of Proposition C: San Francisco Commissions for All in 2020, to allow non-citizen residents to serve on our city’s Boards and Commissions. In 2020, we became the first city nationwide to grant any person, regardless of their citizenship...

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Parks and Open Space

Completed an historic $3 million makeover of Shoreview Park We completed an historic renovation of Shoreview Park, adding a creative children’s play area, modern fitness equipment, accessible walkways and more. With this renovation, I’m thrilled that we could deliver...

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