Priorities and Highlights:

Bridging Our Communities

Led the successful passage of Proposition C: San Francisco Commissions for All in 2020, to allow non-citizen residents to serve on our city’s Boards and Commissions.

In 2020, we became the first city nationwide to grant any person, regardless of their citizenship status, the opportunity to serve on commissions and advisory boards. Though this is one of many steps I will continue to take in promoting equitable and inclusive representation for all San Franciscans and especially our immigrant communities, we were able to bring upwards of 14% of San Francisco residents an additional voice in our political process through this measure.

Brought ESL classes back to Visitacion Valley

For nine years, there had been a lack of ESL literacy classes for senior citizens in the neighborhood, despite the fact that approximately 63% of Visitacion Valley residents speak another language besides English at home. I worked with community advocates throughout the neighborhood to bring back ESL literacy classes through the Visitacion Valley Family Center.

Quality Schools and Education

Passed the Early Education Economic Recovery Program We know that investing in early childhood education is a vital indicator of long-term educational and economic outcomes for children. That’s why our office worked to successfully secure funding for early childhood...

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Public Transportation

Successfully passed Measure RR to fully fund Caltrain services As Caltrain will continue to face severe pandemic-induced financial losses, my office led the charge to raise $100 million annually by successfully introducing and passing Measure RR in 2020. I will...

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Parks and Open Space

Completed an historic $3 million makeover of Shoreview Park We completed an historic renovation of Shoreview Park, adding a creative children’s play area, modern fitness equipment, accessible walkways and more. With this renovation, I’m thrilled that we could deliver...

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