Priorities and Highlights:

Affordability and Displacement

Secured over $20 million in funding for rent relief and social housing to assist renters and low-income workers in the aftermath of the pandemic.

This funding was vital to so many who were affected by the economic turmoil of COVID-19— from renters who were strapped short of cash during the pandemic, to families who suddenly found themselves on the brink of displacement. The funding was designed to prevent evictions stemming from the expiration of the eviction moratorium.

Established legislation for the right to return, giving former residents of public housing projects who’ve been displaced the right to return to their prior homes.

For far too long, public housing residents — particularly Black San Franciscans who have been disproportionately affected by decades of redevelopment and gentrification — have been pushed out of San Francisco. Bringing back families and residents to their original neighborhoods will help communities return to the diverse, vibrant hubs they once were— and help ensure that families can remain rooted in the communities they helped build for generations to come. Our legislation prioritizes former HOPE SF residents in what used to be the Hunters View, Alice Griffith, Sunnydale, and Potrero Hill housing projects.

Helped expand affordable housing opportunities for educators and middle-income families. 

In 2019, I helped pass the 100% Affordable Housing and Educator Streamlining Program, expanding housing stock that would qualify as affordable housing for our educators and teachers. Under this initiative, 135 new apartment units will be available with 54 being reserved for low income teachers, and 81 for middle income teachers. Middle-income families have been hit hard by our housing crisis and the skyrocketing rents, and by helping to keep housing costs affordable for both educators and families, we were able to stabilize our communities.

Quality Schools and Education

Passed the Early Education Economic Recovery Program We know that investing in early childhood education is a vital indicator of long-term educational and economic outcomes for children. That’s why our office worked to successfully secure funding for early childhood...

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Public Transportation

Successfully passed Measure RR to fully fund Caltrain services As Caltrain will continue to face severe pandemic-induced financial losses, my office led the charge to raise $100 million annually by successfully introducing and passing Measure RR in 2020. I will...

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Bridging Our Communities

Led the successful passage of Proposition C: San Francisco Commissions for All in 2020, to allow non-citizen residents to serve on our city’s Boards and Commissions. In 2020, we became the first city nationwide to grant any person, regardless of their citizenship...

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