Epidemic levels of petty theft and property crime are happening in our neighborhoods. Safety is a top concern in every neighborhood across the district. Every family deserves to feel safe and secure in their home and neighborhood. As Supervisor, I will work to solve property crimes and provide alternative opportunities for young people. I will be laser-focused on implementing community policing strategies to bridge the gap between our neighbors and law enforcement and lower crime in our neighborhoods.


To put it plainly, it is far too hard to make a life and raise a family in San Francisco right now. People of all races, socioeconomic levels, and in every neighborhood are being priced out of their homes and communities. I will bring my affordable housing development experience to City Hall to increase the housing supply and fight for the enforcement of neighborhood preference – so that we get put at the front of the line for affordable housing in our district.


In my day job as Executive Director of Young Community Developers, I help people throughout our city find good jobs so they can support their families. I know how hard it is to find the right job with fair pay, sufficient benefits, and opportunities for growth. As Supervisor, my approach will be two-fold. On the one hand, we need leaders who will make it a top priority to bring new, growing businesses to District 10 and create jobs for our residents. Job creation is key and San Francisco businesses need to see District 10 as the right place to settle and grow. In addition, we need to ensure that our residents have access to the resources they need to secure and maintain these new jobs. Continuing education is critical and helps our residents build and maintain the technical skills they need for success. By prioritizing local hiring policies, we can be sure that all new and existing companies invest in our residents first. We can make it easier for the people in our community to find jobs and provide for their families, right here in the district, but we need the right leaders in City Hall to make this happen.


In order to eliminate homelessness in our district, we need to get to the root causes of homelessness and address them systematically. We must provide access to substance abuse programs and mental health services, as well as gainful employment, temporary housing solutions, and long-term affordable housing. With leaders poised to tackle this issue head-on and prepared to create the resources that our homeless residents so badly need.


Our school teachers and administrators must be invested in our kids and in our communities. In my tenure as President of the School Board, I have crafted and passed resolutions to support our teachers, our students, and our administrators. As your Supervisor, I will continue to prioritize our schools by pursuing strategies that reduce teacher turnover, increase parental involvement, and provide access to the resources that our students, and teachers alike, need to succeed.

We need to be sure that our schools receive all of the investments possible — including those community benefits agreements from private businesses and city partners and departments — so that we are constantly improving our programs and curriculum to provide students with the best possible education. I have the expertise and the experience to make this happen.


In addition to quality education, our children benefit from having access to parks and open spaces outside, where they can explore their creativity, play with their friends, and spend time with their families. As Supervisor, I won’t stop after cleaning-up and upgrading our existing parks. I’ll continue working to create new parks and set aside more open spaces throughout the district so that every kid, in every neighborhood, in District 10 has a clean, safe place to play.  


As our neighborhoods grow and change, we need to bring our residents together in ways that highlight and celebrate our differences, and our diversity. Our leaders can build bridges between our communities in Bayview and Visitacion Valley and Dogpatch and Potrero Hill, if they create the right opportunities through community events, festivals, and small business gatherings.

As Supervisor, I will do just that. It is important that we understand and appreciate the cultures, ethnicities, histories, and backgrounds that make southeast San Francisco the vibrant and incredible place we love so much.  


Being able to get from point A to point B throughout the day can determine your ability to earn a decent living, get an education, or get your kids to school. Access to reliable public transportation is critical to supporting your family, and District 10 residents should be able to move around the city in a reasonable amount of time. We should be able to get across the city with the same ease as residents of other districts.

We must provide high-tech, upgraded buses and muni cars and focus on increasing reliability in neighborhoods across the district. I will work with MUNI to address existing concerns with the T line and push for faster, better service.

We must also look to alternate modes of transportation. I want to bring bike-share to our neighborhoods, not just the wealthy neighborhoods of the other parts of the city. We also must work with ride-sharing services and taxi companies to ensure they are properly servicing our neighborhoods.