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I’m excited to release our vision so residents can see the level of detail we put into addressing the issues currently facing our District. There’s a lot of work to be done, but I wanted residents to know that we not only have a thorough, thought-out plan to tackle every issue in the long term, but also a clear-cut plan to take action on my priorities on day one. We’re ready and eager to get down to the everyday work of building bridges and community to solve the problems that face District 10’s neighborhoods. – Shamann Walton

Please explore the details of each policy area in our Vision for District 10 by following the links below.

You can also download a complete PDF copy of our policy plan here.

Addressing Homelessness

We need to get to the root causes of homelessness and address them systematically while also creating short-term, creative solutions. I am committed to strategically increasing the City’s resources to create transitional and permanent housing for our homeless population that provide substance abuse, mental health, and job training and placement services.

Cleaner, Safer Neighborhoods

Safety and cleanliness are top concerns in every neighborhood across District 10. As Supervisor, I will work to solve these issues by providing alternative opportunities for young people, implementing community policing strategies that bridge the gap between our neighbors and law enforcement, and taking concrete steps to decrease the trash and illegal dumping currently plaguing our City’s streets.

Public Transit & Public Infrastructure

Access to reliable public transportation is critical to supporting our families, and District 10 residents should be able to move around the city in a reasonable amount of time. I will work with MUNI to address existing concerns with the T-line and push for faster, better service, as well as improve conditions for alternate methods of transportation such as bike-sharing.

Affordable Housing and the Eastern Neighborhoods Plan

To put it plainly, it is far too hard to make a life and raise a family in San Francisco right now. People of all races, socioeconomic levels, and in every neighborhood are being priced out of their homes and communities. I will bring my affordable housing development experience to City Hall to increase the housing supply, hold developers accountable for community benefit and transportation fees, and fight for enforcement of neighborhood preference so that we get put at the front of the line for affordable housing in our district.

Jobs and Economic Empowerment

I know how hard it is to find careers with fair pay, sufficient benefits, and opportunities for growth. In my day job as Executive Director of Young Community Developers, I help people throughout our city find good jobs that allow them to support their families. As Supervisor, I will create local hiring policies and incentives that ensure all new and existing companies invest in our residents first. By making it easier for people in our communities to find jobs and access the resources and training they need to maintain their jobs, we can help our residents provide for their families and stay in San Francisco.

Cleanup at the Hunters Point Shipyard

I lost both of my grandparents to cancer before I was 16 years old, so this issue is personal and not about political points for me and my family. The pollution at the Shipyard is one of the most undeniable cases of environmental racism to ever come to light, and it is time we work together to adequately address and oversee complete re-testing and a thorough, vetted, and responsible clean-up of the entire area.

Protecting San Francisco’s Diversity and Values

As our neighborhoods grow and change, we need to bring our residents together to celebrate our differences while protecting our diversity and values. If we are going to maintain SF’s historic communities of color in District 10, we must immediately work for economic empowerment, use existing laws to bring families back to San Francisco, and carefully balance our City’s need for more housing with protecting the environment and diversity of our communities.

Improving Education

During my tenure as President of the Board of Education, I crafted and passed resolutions to support our teachers, our students, and our administrators. As your Supervisor, I will continue to prioritize our schools by pursuing strategies that reduce teacher turnover, increase parental involvement, decrease the achievement gap, and provide access to the resources that our students and teachers need to succeed.

Protecting the Environment

The southeastern part of San Francisco has always been disproportionately affected by environmental injustices, and I have an unwavering dedication to addressing this reality. Given that District 10’s neighborhoods bear the brunt of the City’s environmental issues, we must address how to equitably implement our City’s Climate Change Plan within our low-income, working-class communities head-on.

Women’s Rights

The issues affecting women, children, and families in San Francisco remain starkest in District 10. We need a comprehensive culture change regarding sexual harassment and assault, thorough and publicly funded reproductive and maternal healthcare, concrete steps to address the pay gap, and more resources dedicated to supporting women vulnerable to housing insecurity and displacement.